Why a landing page?

A big part of what’s included with MemberTracker is a personalized landing page for your business. The URL for your page will look something like this:


This is the subdomain you chose when you first signed up, and a link to it is included in your ‘Welcome’ email. Here’s what your landing page might look like when you first sign up for your free trial:

The landing page serves as a marketing tool where you collect the names and email addresses of ‘leads’ – people interested in your gym. Once they email you or sign up for your offer, you’ll be able to track them from within your MemberTracker dashboard, reach out to them and convert them into paying members.

You’ll want to Bookmark or otherwise save your landing page URL, as it also serves as the page from which you will log into your dashboard, and from which your users/members will log in to manage their activities.

Also, there is some terminology you should be familiar with as you start to explore your account and invite members to sign up:

Users – These are your clients, or parents/guardians of clients, who manage the activities of the members they’ve created an account for;

Members – These are the clients who attend your gym. It may be a child who has their account managed by a parent User, or an adult who manages their own membership as a User.

The concept of Users versus Members can be a bit confusing at first. Think of it like this: While Users pay, Members play!

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