Introduction to your dashboard

It’s time to take a first dip into your dashboard! This page acts as a hub from which all MemberTracker features can be accessed, whether you want to schedule an upcoming class or process a payment. Your users can also access their own dashboard to track attendance, make a payment or purchase products from your Store.

Log into your dashboard from your MemberTracker landing page:

Here’s what you should see once you log in. At this point, your dashboard doesn’t have any leads or members, but you can see a box representing each available feature:

Here’s a quick rundown of MemberTracker’s six main features. We’ll go over each one in more detail in subsequent articles:

This feature acts as a marketing pipeline, allowing you to track prospective clients who have signed up for an offer on your landing page, or who email you at Once a lead is added to your pipeline, you can reach
out with information about your gym, nurturing them toward a paid membership or a second class.

Once a lead has converted to a paid membership, their information will move to the Members page. This feature is integral to your MemberTracker experience, serving as a register of your current members and their information. Both you and users are able to manage member attendance, payments and other activities via desktop or smartphone. You will also direct your current members to your MemberTracker landing page so they can sign up and create their own account.

This feature allows you and users to keep track of members’ class attendance. It also gives you the opportunity to reach out to non-attending members to get them back on track. Your MemberTracker mobile app will automatically track member attendance via GPS, updating you class-to-class.

This feature allows you to set up payment options so you can receive and easily manage online and in-person payments from members. You can start processing payments for classes and membership right away, or set up pre-authorized payment plans with users. MemberTracker can also sent automated payment reminders to users so they never miss a renewal.

Customized for martial arts schools, this feature allows you to manage martial arts belts testing, notify users and get paid online. This feature can also be used for other gyms and studios who want to track class or levels performance.

WOD Tracking
Customized for CrossFit gyms, this feature allows owners to track the workout performance of individual members. Over time, you and your users can track progress, using the results to ramp up member performance, or send congratulatory messages when a milestone is reached.

This feature gives you the opportunity to set up your own online store, where you can sell product and equipment to users.

Spend some time looking around your dashboard and familiarizing yourself with each feature. Each corresponding page can be accessed by clicking the name of the feature in its ‘box’ on the dashboard.

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