Using the Leads feature

Your Leads page is where you will track new leads/prospective members as they show an interest in your gym. This feature will also help you to convert leads into paying members. When prospective clients sign up on your landing page, or email you at, they are automatically entered as new Leads.

Here is an example of what your Leads page would look like with your first two leads added:

new leads

MemberTracker provides a built-in marketing pipeline so you can track each prospective client from lead to member, moving them between the three categories above. If you’ve activated your second landing page for an onramp course or Fundamentals, your third pipeline column will show as ‘Total Onramp’. Otherwise, this will show as a ‘New Members’ column.

Managing leads as they move through your pipeline takes minimal effort on your part. When a lead attends your intro or trial class, click the ‘Took Intro’ button next to their name. MemberTracker will then send an Auto Responder (as long as you’ve activated it), encouraging them to sign up as a member. The lead will be marked as ‘Attended’ and stay in the ‘Scheduled Intro/Trials’ column until they sign up for a class or membership.

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