Testing the Mobile App

Before you invite your members to download the app, we first recommend that you test it yourself. This is important as you will soon give your members the ability to automatically track attendance through the app using GPS, so you need to ensure your address is properly calibrated.

First, confirm your gym’s primary location by clicking ‘Locations’ in the secondary menu of your dashboard. Check that the address listed is complete, or click the ‘Edit’ button to make changes.


Open up the MemberTracker app when you next arrive at your primary location and you should see this message at the top of your home screen:

‘entered ______ at [time]’

Sometimes the address you’ve provided for your location won’t resolve to an accurate set of GPS coordinates. If the app doesn’t recognize your arrival, stand near the entrance to your location with your WiFi or data turned on. Tap ‘Settings’ at the bottom of your app’s home screen and then tap on your primary location. You’ll see coordinates for Stored Location versus Current Location.

Tap ‘Use Current Location’, which should update the app with your exact location using coordinates from your smartphone. If the app still doesn’t recognize your next entrance to this location, please contact us at mike@membertracker.io and we will help resolve the issue.

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