Sharing your landing page

Once you’ve got your landing page customized (see previous article), you can start sharing it with current and prospective members.

Why share your page? Because this is the hub from which leads will learn about your gym and either email you or sign up to receive your offer (e.g. a free class). This is also where current members can sign up and manage their own activities via MemberTracker.

You are free to use your MemberTracker landing page as a homepage if you don’t already have one for your gym. Or you can simply share the URL with leads and members as a stand-alone marketing/login page. Here are three easy ways to share your page with both current and prospective members:

1. Share your page link on social media. Here’s an example of how you could do this through Facebook as a post:

KB - landing page promo

2. Add a link or web form to your website:

membertracker widget

You can find the text and code for the above widget by visiting the Members page in your dashboard, then clicking the ‘Help register my members’ button at the bottom left of the page.

3. Email the link to your current members. Here is a sample of what this might look like:

KB 20

Once you get some leads taking interest and reaching out, they’ll show up in your Leads page (see Using the Leads Feature). And once your existing members sign up for MemberTracker, they’ll be able to take advantage of all MemberTracker features available to them, such as payments and attendance tracking.

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