Setting up class schedules

Your Attendance dashboard is where you can see a history of attendance for your gym, studio or school, and manage attendance on behalf of members. Before you see any data in your dashboard, you’ll need to set up some classes. After that, members will be able to enjoy automatic checkin via the MemberTracker app.

You can start setting up class schedules by clicking ‘Schedule’ in the secondary menu of your dashboard:

KB 41

Setting up a class is as simple as adding the location, class type (morning yoga, CrossFit, etc.), the day(s), and start and end times. Tick the ‘Active’ checkbox to indicate that this class is currently active:

setting up schedule

If you need to add an additional location other than the primary one you added when you signed up, click ‘Add/Manage Locations’ under the Location field:

KB 43

Similarly, if you haven’t yet added any class types, do so by clicking ‘Add/Manage Class Types’ beneath the Class Type field:

KB 44

Click ‘Create’ to finish creating your class. Your new class will immediately be displayed as either an Active Class or Inactive Class on the Schedule page:

new class added

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