New payment

This feature allows you to enter single payments from users through the Payments dashboard. This is useful should a user make a cash or cheque payment in person and you want to enter it in your records.

Click on the ‘New Payment’ button at the top right (or within the ‘Track Payments’ box) and you are taken to a New Payment page:

new payment

You can now choose the Membership Type from any you’ve set up under the ‘Payment Option’ drop-down. You can then choose the user’s method of payment from the Payment Type drop-down and select the appropriate user.

Once the user is chosen, you will see a dropdown of members who are managed by this user; choose which member(s) this payment plan applies to. Choose the date, the amount and click ‘Pay Now’ to complete the transaction. You will return to the Payment screen and see the new payment reflected:

KB 58

If a user wants to make a payment for themselves or another member, they will visit their Payments dashboard, which is a simplified version of yours:

KB 59

They will then see a screen very similar to your own New Payment screen above, and enter the Membership Type, Payment Type (credit card or Paypal) and the member for which the payment is for. They do not have the ability to choose a user or the date, as this is automatically entered.

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