The Memberships box is where you’ll set up your Membership Types, that is, payment options for sets of classes or membership at your gym. While you’ve already set up classes under the Attendance feature, this feature basically allows you to specify lengths of time for which your members will pay.

Once you click the ‘Set Up My Memberships’ button, you will be taken to the Membership Pricing page (we have already added a couple in the below example):

KB 54

Click the ‘New’ button to get started. You will then be asked to fill in information relevant to that membership:

KB 55

Name your membership according to the number of members the membership applies to, the timeframe, and/or class type. For example, ‘Single, Month, Kids’ or ’10 Class Punch Card’. Once you’ve filled in all relevant information, click Save and you will see your new membership displayed on the Membership Pricing page:

KB 56

This feature can also be accessed by clicking the ‘Membership Pricing’ button in the Payments dashboard menu.

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