Member sign-up

As mentioned in the previous article, your current members have their own section of your landing page where they sign up to your MemberTracker account:

member sign-up

When a member clicks the ‘Sign Up Online’ button, they are taken to the User Sign Up page, where they enter their own email address, name and choose a password:

user sign-up

Following this page, they will be asked to enter the name and other details for each member whose activities they plan to manage through their MemberTracker account. If they are signing themselves up, they simply create the Member profile for themselves. Another common scenario would be when a user creates a member profile for their child:

new member page

Your user/member will receive a confirmation email and land on their own dashboard (a basic version of yours as owner) once they complete the sign up. They can either add another member or finish here:

KB 23

Back on your own dashboard, you can now see this new member reflected in your Members box:

new member added

We recommend that you encourage each and every current member to sign up and to download the app. This way they can largely manage their own attendance and payments, while your role will be to check in periodically, making sure attendance is being tracked correctly and processing payments as they come in.

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