Managing Users

As an administrator of your MemberTracker account, you are authorized to manage the members you’ve added to your account, as well as the users responsible for them. The Manage Users feature allows you to edit the information for, or delete, users. This might apply if their personal information changes or you need to update their permissions.

To access this feature, click ‘Manage Users’ at the top right of your Members page. This will take you to the Users page:

Users page

To edit a user’s name or email address, click the blue ‘Edit’ button to the right, make the necessary changes, and click the ‘Update User’ button to finish.

You can also make a user an admin if you wish, which will give them similar rights to you in terms of managing members, class schedules and so forth. Click the ‘Make Admin’ button next to the user’s information on the Users page. You will see a pop-up message asking you to confirm that you want this person as an admin. Click OK and you’re finished.

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