Lead sign-up

A lead is someone who has expressed interest in your gym, studio or school. Think of these people as being only a step or two away from becoming paying clients!

Apart from allowing your current members to sign up and manage their activities through MemberTracker, the primary purpose of your landing page is to attract potential clients with an enticing offer, and to turn them into leads by encouraging them to provide their email address.

There are three ways that leads can reach out to your gym via your landing page…

  1. By emailing you using the ‘Email Us’ CTA:


Your email address will auto-populate, as well as the Subject line. You will immediately be notified that a lead has reached out via email.

2. By signing up for a free/intro class using the second CTA button:


Clicking this CTA will lead to a simple sign-up box where leads can enter their email address and name:


Again, you will receive notification by email that someone has signed up, and can reach out to the new lead using MemberTracker’s email feature.

3. By registering for classes or membership using the final, ‘Register Now’ CTA:


This option will take leads to the User Sign-Up page, where they create a MemberTracker account and get started with membership.

Regardless of which CTA your leads choose to get in touch with your gym, the Leads box in your dashboard will immediately update to reflect any new leads who have reached out:

leads box

The Using the Leads Feature section will provide more in-depth information on how to engage with leads once they sign up on your landing page.

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