Importing Members

In addition to adding individual member accounts, you also have the option to import a list of members, should you have their names and email addresses. This can be done from the New Member page.

To import, go to the New Member page and you will see the Import Members box to the right:

importing members

Make sure the spreadsheet you are planning to use includes the members’ first names, last names and email addresses. Here’s a sample spreadsheet format for importing members:

KB 40

*The above formatting is required so that you Members are imported correctly. Don’t add any spaces between the names in the header rows above.*

Upload your file and click ‘Import’. Your newly added members should now be listed on the Members page.

Members who you import or add will be assigned a Temporary User. Once the appropriate user (either the member themselves or a parent) signs up and enters a matching name and DOB for that member, the system will transfer permissions to them. You as Admin will receive an email letting you know that the member has been assigned a new user. The new user can now manage that member’s attendance, payments etc. from the dashboard and mobile app.

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