Entering Attendance

Members’ attendance will largely be tracked automatically by the app, but there may be cases where you need to manually enter or edit attendance.

To manually enter a member’s recent attendance, click the ‘Enter Attendance’ button from the Attendance dashboard, which takes you to the corresponding page. Click inside the date box to choose which day you’re entering attendance for. Tick the box for the appropriate class time, then click the ‘Choose Class’ button. This will populate the chosen class and your member list:

entering attendance

Anyone who’s already checked into the class will show under ‘Checked In’. To check in further members, click ‘All +’ under Member List, or on a specific group you’ve set up, which will give you a drop-down of your members:

KB 49

Simply tick each name you’d like to check-in, then click the ‘Add’ button. These members will now also be shown under ‘Checked In’ for this class.

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