Editing Member Info

Your Members page is where information about your current clients, such as their name, date of birth and last date of attendance, is stored. While member activities will mostly be managed by users (either the member themselves or a parent/guardian) via the dashboard and mobile app, you do have the authority to manage both user and member information as needed.

This is what your Members page will look like once some members have signed up on your MemberTracker page:

members page

If you’d like to edit a member’s information, simply click on the ‘Edit’ button to the right of your member’s information, which will take you to their Edit Member page:

KB - edit member

Along with standard information like name, address and so forth, you can update things like a member’s last attendance date, payment status and group here.

On the right side of the page are the User Permission settings; here you can assign permission for another user to manage this member’s account. If, for example, the member is a child and the parent who’s currently a user wants to pass on permission to another parent, you as admin can do so here.

It should also be noted that if you or someone else is assigned as the user for a member, and a second person tries to create an account for this member from your landing page, the system will match the member based on name and DOB. We’ll then send an automatic email to the original user, telling them the name of the user who is trying to add the member again. The first user can click the link in the email to add the other person as a secondary user.

Once you make your changes and click Update Member, any edited information should immediately show on their individual page.

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