Customizing your landing page

When you first sign up and land on your MemberTracker dashboard, you will see a modal that asks you to fill out your account type, business type and logo:

setting up membertracker

Once you’ve filled these details out, your landing page will be populated with the basics (you won’t see your landing page for another few moments). Now you’re taken to a Primary Location page, where you fill out your gym’s main address information:

primary location

This specifies the location for your MemberTracker mobile app, which you’ll download soon. Once you create your location you’re taken to the MemberTracker dashboard for the first time. For now, click ‘Settings’ inside the Lead box on your dashboard. Then click ‘View:

view landing page

This will take you to your new landing page, which will look something like this, ready to be updated with your own text and imagery:

This is where you will log into your dashboard from now on, using the ‘Login’ button at the top right. It’s also the page you will soon share with leads and members. The bottom half of your landing page is where your clients will create user and member accounts for themselves, and download your gym’s version of the MemberTracker app:

To update the headline, text and imagery on your landing page so you can start marketing your services to prospective members, click ‘Settings’ inside the Leads box of your dashboard, or click ‘Edit Account’ in the top menu. This will take you to your Edit Account screen, where you can then click the ‘Landing Page Settings’ header to start customizing your landing page:

edit landing page

Here you can edit the background image, headline, sub-heading and body text of your landing page. Note that you can choose from one of our default images, or upload your own.

You can also choose whether to show your business name in the header, edit the text for your lead form, and choose whether to ask for leads’ age when they sign up (this can be useful if you’re a martial arts school and need to know children’s ages for appropriate levels).

At the bottom left of this page you have the New Member Path section, where you can see the marketing ‘pipeline’ your leads will follow; here you can activate a second landing page if needed:

new member path

For example, if you’re a CrossFit gym and are using the current/top landing page to market your Intro Class, you could activate and use the second landing page to convert these leads to your Fundamentals course. Once you click the radio button to activate the second landing page, you’re able to update the text as you wish, so any offer or class will work here. Lastly, you can choose whether to send leads to an automatic payment screen once they fill out the info on your second landing page (e.g. for Fundamentals).

Once you make your desired changes, just click Update Account and you’ll be taken back to your dashboard. To see your updated landing page, either log out of your account, or enter the URL of your page in a new window.

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