Auto Responders

Auto Responders are automatic emails that are sent to your leads and members when they complete a specific action. You’ll find the Auto Responders page in the secondary menu of your dashboard:

KB 28

You simply need to activate each email that you want MemberTracker to automatically send. Each email corresponds to a stage in your marketing pipeline. For example, the ‘Lead Response’ Auto Responder thanks new leads for their interest after they email you via the landing page:

Auto-responder email

Click the ‘Activate’ button to access and edit each Auto Responder. You can then tick the ‘Yes’ radio button next to ‘Active’ to activate the email, and make any changes to the text before updating.

To deactivate an Auto Responder, click the ‘Activate’ button next to it, then tick the ‘No’ radio button and save.

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