Adding New Members

To limit the amount of time you spend individually adding members to your MemberTracker account, we recommend inviting your members to sign up themselves (see the Sharing Your Landing Page article). However, there might be situations where a member requests that you add them instead, or when you have email addresses for members who haven’t yet chosen to join. In these cases, use the New Member option.

From the Members page, click the ‘New Member’ button at the top right. This will take you to the New Member screen:

New member

Fill in your member’s name, email and other relevant information. Once you click Create Member, this new member will be shown at the top of your Members page. You can now manage this member along with all others in your account.

Members who you add will be assigned a Temporary User. Once the appropriate user (either the member themselves or a parent) signs up and enters a matching name and DOB for that member, the system will transfer permissions to them. You as Admin will receive an email letting you know that the member has been assigned a new user. The new user can now manage that member’s attendance, payments etc. from the dashboard and mobile app.

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