[Facebook Live videos] Growing your gym’s membership

Attracting new gym members and keeping them is no easy feat. There are plenty of things that can get in the way of an effective marketing strategy, including a limited budget. That’s why our aim is to provide easy-to-implement advice to make growing your gym’s membership an achievable goal.

Over the past couple of weeks our founder, Mike Ives has been getting his feet wet with an exciting Facebook feature that provides a great platform for sharing ‘quick hits’ to our fan base.

Heard of Facebook Live?

If you’re not yet familiar with Facebook Live, it’s a tool that lets anyone with a Facebook Business Page quickly create videos and broadcast them live. Fans of your page can either watch the video at the scheduled broadcast time, or watch it later once it’s posted to the Video section of your page. They can also comment on your video in real time.

Anyway, back to growing your gym’s membership. Mike has started posting weekly videos to share some of the tactics he’s used at CrossFit 782 to successfully grow its membership so far in 2017. With almost 50 new members over the past couple of months, we figure he must be doing something right!

We encourage you to visit our Facebook page and ‘Like’ us; that way you’ll receive notifications as we post future videos. In the meantime though, here are Mike’s first three videos for your enjoyment…

This first video shows how CrossFit 782 has been using a landing page and lead tracking to automate the process of onboarding potential members (i.e. leads). While they use MemberTracker for this, there are other options out there, too:

In this second video, Mike share a few methods his gym has used to bring a targeted audience to CrossFit 782’s landing page. He also discusses some best practices for creating ads that get noticed:

In his third video, Mike talks about how to turn leads into paying members at your gym. This is all about providing great value during the intro sessions so each new member feels like your classes are something they can’t live without:

In our latest video, Mike touches on attendance tracking, an important part of member retention:

We hope you’ll join us as we share more video content on our Facebook page (‘Like’ us to get updates). We’re always happy to chat about how MemberTracker can help automate growth at your gym or school, so send us a Facebook Message from our page if you have any questions about the platform.

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