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How I saved time during my latest martial arts tournament (and how you can, too!)

Contributor: Mike Ives, Founder & Developer at MemberTracker This past weekend, PEI Taekwondo hosted the Summer Open tournament here in Prince Edward Island. We had a fantastic turnout, attracting over 130 competitors from across Atlantic Canada. One notable difference between this tournament and previous ones is that we were able to finish the event quite a[…]

[Infographic] How to Launch a Successful Fitness Challenge

As most fitness professionals know, being fit and healthy has less to do with indiscriminately shedding pounds than with enjoying a balanced lifestyle that includes a varied diet and a diverse, enjoyable exercise routine that motivates one toward further action. So when thinking about organizing a fitness challenge for your members, it’s understandable that you want[…]

Putting email marketing to work for your gym or personal training business

For the small fitness owner, the importance of keeping in touch with your clients is undeniable. And we don’t just mean the monthly newsletter! Personal, meaningful and ongoing communication can address your members’ needs, goals, even their fears as they interact with your space and your services. One question that often comes up is whether email is an ideal,[…]

What is ‘churn’ and ways to avoid it

MemberTracker founder Mike Ives knows fitness – he’s an owner and trainer of CrossFit 782, as well as an owner with PEI Taekwondo. In this post he shares some insights he’s gained over the years about that frustrating little phenomenon called ‘churn’, and what other fitness owners can do to avoid it  ‘Churn’ is a term largely used[…]

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