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Want an awesome way to get more members into your gym? Encourage positive online reviews from your current members using Google My Business.

In addition to giving prospects a good feeling about your gym, Google reviews can boost your standing in the search rankings.

First you need a Google My Business page. If you don’t already have one, set it up here right away: Google My Business.

Once you have one, Google yourself … my apologies if that sounds inappropriate, but you know what I mean. Click below to open Google:

Open Google

Once you find your business, then do the following:

1. Click on the ‘Write a Review’ button in the Knowledge Panel of your My Business listing
2. Copy the URL from your browser
3. Go to, paste in the URL and generate a shortened URL

You now have a unique Google Review link. Share this short URL with your members in emails, texts etc. and grow your Google reviews.

Here is the one for my gym –

This is super simple and easy to do. I sent this out to my members and within 2 hours my reviews went from 2 to 22 (happily they were all 5 stars).

And in case you were wondering…yes, we are building this into MemberTracker so a review request can automatically go out to your members via email. Cool huh?

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